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Kristen, “Russell Brand is good comedian” - 2011-04-27

Kristen, “Russell Brand is good comedian” Kristen Bell has defended British comedian Russell Brand. The blonde actress and the funnyman shared the big screen in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. She defended Brand, saying, “Not everybody gets him, and they don’t have to. Not everybody got Richard Pryor, but he’s still one of the best comedians out there.” “If you make something that nobody hates, then nobody loves it. And I think that’s a really good rule to live by. He elicits emotions out of people, and whether you like it or not - whether he’s too daring for you or not - I think he’s a really good guy,” she added.

Kristen hasn’t tied the knot…yet - 2011-03-28

Kristen hasn’t tied the knot…yet Kristen Bell has denied she has tied the knot wit fiance Dax Shepard. The Forgetting Sarah Marshall, who engaged to Shepard, generated rumors of a secret wedding after she called him ‘Husband’ on twitter. She wrote on Wednesday, “My adorable husband @daxshepard1 voting for his favourite american idol. Over and over again.” Her rep, however, says this story is false as she always calls him like that.

Kristen joins Showtime pilot - 2011-02-15

Kristen Bell has joined the cast of a Showtime pilot. The Forgetting Sarah Marshall has joined a comedy project House of Lies, to star alongside starring Don Cheadle. The project is sased on Martin Kihn's book "House of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time."

Kristen named Neutrogena ambassador - 2011-01-25

Kristen Bell has been chosen as the new face of Neutrogena Naturals line. The Burlesque actress has reportedly forked in $500,000 to model for the cosmetic giant, and has already shot the graphic and TV campaign.  A source told the press, "She's got an all-American look that is very relatable for a lot of women. "She is a great fit for the brand."

Kristen praises Burlesque costar Christina Aguilera - 2011-01-05

Kristen Bell has showered with praises her Burlesque costar Christina Aguilera. The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star says she admires the way the singer’s took up her debut as an actress. She said, "Only Christina could have played this. This was about a girl who knew that she had a gift and it was absolutely necessary that she shared it with the world. She heard herself sing when she was five years old and had to share it." Bell added, “But the reason why Christina is the way she is, is because she is fearless and she jumps into everything wholeheartedly and that's exactly what she did.”

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Flatland: The Movie (2006) As Hex

Pulse (2006) As Mattie Webber

Roman (2006) As The Girl (attached)

Deepwater (2005) As Nurse Laurie

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